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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Digest Number 1159

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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... My favorite source is a place called Tuxedo Resale. We ve purchased a lot of stuff from them in the past couple of years; their prices have saved my hide
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2004
      > From: ecomaas@...
      > Subject: Re: Digest Number 1158
      > Hi, all!
      > I haven't contributed anything to the group in a long
      > time. But now I am the
      > one in need.
      > I need a boatload of old men's tuxedos for a high school
      > play I am
      > costuming.

      My favorite source is a place called Tuxedo Resale. We've
      purchased a lot of stuff from them in the past couple of
      years; their prices have saved my hide budget-wise on more
      than one occasion. I believe they've got a website, though
      I haven't checked on it (always been ordering through the
      catelog from work). The one problem, they do NOT sell to
      private individuals and might not sell to schools, even.
      They are set up to sell wholesale to tuxedo rental places;
      but apparently they are willing to sell to any appropriate
      business. I was led to them by a costume shop in the area,
      when the shop didn't have the tuxedo accessories we needed.

      There is another one that one of the designers I regularly
      work with has recommended in the past--Tuxedo Wholesaler.
      Never checked on them, I know they've got a website but
      I've never visited it (never needed to).

      This all being said, if you've got no budget, even these
      cheap sources may not alleviate your problem; however, if
      you call and tell them you are interested in buying some of
      their older stuff that may no longer be suitable for
      rentals, they may cut you a pretty nice deal. As these are
      the places that are typically selling to the local rental
      shops, their initial prices will be lower; but having the
      local connections with the shops may allow you to finagle
      something else instead (advertising, special mention in the
      program, possibly even just amicable relations with the
      high-schools, if they are feeling particularly generous).
      Also, keep an eye on thrift stores (Salvation
      Army/Goodwill/etc) in your area...I found a tux just the
      size I needed for $15...one of six on the rack at the time,
      though I have yet to see a similar assortment available
      since then.

      > From: "sherman, talley and raymond"
      > <jimmysdevoted@...>
      > Subject: Re: building a portfolio
      > project is rather large (a scale 4 foot mummy) my
      > mentor/advisor suggested
      > the following for me developing my art portfolio:
      > Do what you know! ( his excalamation point)
      > Do what you can do very well.
      > Don't compromise and do lesser work because it will
      > "fit".
      > Document everything. A Photo Essay/ Video Essay and
      > complete text on the
      > techniques, history etc will get more points than just
      > doing something just
      > for the portfolio.

      I will second all that! Speaking as someone who looks at
      portfolios during the hiring process, I'm far more likely
      to want to talk to someone who has done several
      breathtaking pieces in similar styles than I am to someone
      who has a broad variety of items of mediocre build. Play
      to your strengths; and if you're dealing with time
      constraints (like only having a semester/quarter for the
      project(s) you are undertaking), and have multiple options
      that you feel are equally interesting for you and have
      promise for showing off your skills, I would say do two or
      three impressive but less elaborate pieces instead of one
      very elaborate piece. If you do go with just one, do it to
      the nines, make it something that a potential interviewer
      will look at and say, "Oh, wow! That is incredible! We
      need to talk to this person!"

      Curtis Kidd
      "Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel could be you!"

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