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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] On the topic of foam

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  • K Murphy
    They do have the Scott foam on their website -- it s under special effects foam or something like that. They also call it reticulated under the photos of
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2004
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      They do have the Scott foam on their website -- it's under "special effects" foam or something like that. They also call it "reticulated" under the photos of the foam, and they list one of its suggested uses as costuming. The sizes they sell are 38" or 48" wide (I think), in thicknesses from 1/4" up to at least 1" or more -- and 50" long (haven't been to the site today, just trying to remember...) It's definitely NOT geared for egineers, but for crafts people!


      Curtis Kidd <gckidd@...> wrote:
      I think I happened across the Foammart site, but I could be
      mistaken. I was trying like mad to track down anything
      even remotely helpful that night, and I think I ended up
      hitting about twenty sites that were all geared
      specifically toward engineers, with massive lists of
      densities, compression test results, tear-resistance data,
      and five or six million other details I never wanted to

      Kathleen: Let us know if they have what you're looking
      for. I think reticulated foam would work very well for
      what you're looking at doing...stiff enough to make
      convincing pads, porous enough that the majority of the
      heat should pass through it fairly easily.

      > > Foammart.com offers what you're looking for.
      > Thank you for sending the suggestion. I went there a few
      > years ago
      > but they didn't have the Scott foam then. I have been
      > looking for a
      > source. They happen to be a few miles away, so I will
      > check them out!
      > I am making a footbal costume for a toddler and wanted to
      > see if the
      > reticulated foam would make a good support system,
      > without a lot of
      > heat retention.
      > Kathleen
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