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  • Sunflower
    Hi Sarah, I recently had that questions as well!! In September I was approached to do contract work on a local theater production, they wanted me to make all
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 27, 2001
      Hi Sarah,

      I recently had that questions as well!! In September I was
      approached to do contract work on a local theater production, they
      wanted me to make all the corsets in a period show. What I was told
      was to price ALL the materials you are going to use, add 30-50% then
      figure out what your time is worth, ex: est.hourly rate. I charged a
      flat rate for the building the garments, and an extra percentage to
      the house for selling the garments to the house. Outside labor
      wasn't a problem, I made everything myself, but my contract was not
      on as large of a scale as yours.

      Make sure you allow for last minute problems!! (The night of opening,
      one of the "larger" women decided to try to take off her corset
      without unlacing it and bent the bust totally out of
      whack...ggrrrr!!) Ask if they are willing to do anything in house.
      If so, that will cut down on your costs.

      Here's another question...do you have to bid on the show or do you
      already have it?

      Also, since the show will be on tour, make it strong!! Like, uber
      strong!! Travelling shows are so hard on the costumes! Make sure
      you have it in the contract wheather or not you want to own the
      costumes. If you are going to own them, it will cost the house less
      up front(you will be paying for some of the building), but then you
      can rent it out for a profit.

      When you canibalize the current garments into something new, same as
      many as the scraps as you can. You never know when a little repair
      patch is needed.

      I think thats about it. It's early and I can't think of anything
      else at this moment.

      Good Luck!

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      <Alexandreirazputin@h...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > As the tag-line reads, I am in need of some advice. I've worked in
      > shops for the past 3 1/2 years or so, but always I was on a
      payroll. Now
      > I'm starting on my first free-lance job and I have no clue about
      how much to
      > charge. Does the materials budget come out of this number or
      should I ask
      > about getting a share in the show budget from the shop? If so,
      > percentage would be adequate? And what would be a reasonable
      amount to ask
      > for labor? I don't want to quote too high a price, but I also
      don't want to
      > quote too low.
      > I have three double-masks (six in all) for a Kabuki play which
      include wigs,
      > and hooded "heads" for Hare, Dormouse, and White Rabbit in "Alice
      > Wonderland". "Alice" is also in need for major alterations on
      clothing for
      > Hare, Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter, with some pieces being chopped
      > something else, others added. Hatter gets a new suit from the old
      > a vest and tie (I like a bow-tie), Hare loses his jacket for a
      shirt and
      > vest and his pants turn into "knickers", Dormouse gets a similar
      > while keeping the jacket, no vest, and "mouse-y hose" to hide the
      > Queen's body stocking on Mouse's legs and feet. And all to be done
      by early
      > January.
      > The company is a local reperatory theatre that also does touring
      > (are they one and the same, I don't know for certain) and is in the
      > Southeastern U.S.
      > Any suggestions?
      > ****Raven
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