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Re:Embarrassed to admit... I cannot sew

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  • AF Murphy
    Vogue Sewing. Or whatever they re calling it now - I have a vague idea it s been renamed? An old edition works fine, and you can often get it used. (The major
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2004
      Vogue Sewing. Or whatever they're calling it now - I have a vague idea
      it's been renamed? An old edition works fine, and you can often get it
      used. (The major changes are that they update the fashions used in the

      This is *not* a textbook. It will not teach you to sew. It is a
      reference book, and, as such, many experienced sewers have it in their
      library to consult when they want to use a technique they don't normally
      do. (I wouldn't be at all surprised if your mom has it herself...) It
      covers many more techniques than you can possible get to in a month. So
      you have it so you have a reference later to remind you how to set
      zippers, but you can say to her "But we never did set raglan sleeves,
      and this way I can look that up, when I'm not with you!" It also has a
      lot about alterations... very handy.

      I don't think I ever read it cover to cover - not that kind of book.
      Most of the time it sits on my shelf. But when I do take it down, it's
      because I *need* it - and then, it's invaluable.

      As for the machine - Set up is different in every machine, so that's
      sort of not an issue, because it will always be an issue. Just remind
      her what your machine is, and ask her either not to use a stitch you
      don't have, or, when it's really useful to tell you, *and* show you a
      work around you can do. (Or let you decide that this is your only chance
      to get a dress with this nifty feature and go for it, knowing that you
      won't reproduce it.) I've only used very basic machines, and that's
      plenty for most sewing.


      > Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:17:52 -0000
      > From: "Juliann" <juliann@...>
      > Subject: Embarassed to admit .. I cannot sew
      > I've always done run crew -- so I can fix, patch, mend, hold together with velcro, safety
      > pin, and launder, de-scent, remove stains or otherwise care for just about any garment.
      > I'm also fairly adept at dyeing and designing shows based only on existing stock (which
      > our very small budget dinner theater did as much as possible) or "making" things with the
      > liberal use of iron-on fusion tape, etc. But aside from literally following a pre-existing
      > seam line (in case it's opened), I cannot sew more than a straight line.
      > Enter my mother, who has wanted to teach me how to sew for all of my 30 years. I'l going
      > to be staying with her for a month starting next week and I figured since we're working on
      > a quilt (all straight lines and no variation of stitch length or tension), I really should bite
      > the bullet and learn sewing fully.
      > My problem is that she used to teach sewing at university 15 years ago, but I never ever
      > remember anything she's tried to teach me over the years. I think having a book or some
      > other reference might help reinforce things. Her teaching style and my learning style just
      > don't seem to mesh.
      > She however insists I won't need a book and refuses to let me get a Sewing for Dummies
      > or such beginner's guide.
      > (Can anyone else see disaster looming?)
      > Soooo.... are there any suggestions for perhaps new sewers resources that aren't exactly
      > learning to sew? I've read about many handbooks that are just the guides to terminology
      > and stitches etc, but I don't know if that might be over my head.
      > I just think I might need some extra help as I'm sure she will expect wonders in a month
      > and I don't want to have to ask her the same things 80 times before it sticks...
      > Many thanks in advance for any resources or advice! (Other than "just practice a lot" --
      > which I plan to do but I am nervous about doing it around Mom the (I am not kidding)
      > Ph.D. in Home Economics!)
      > Somewhat fearful,
      > Juliann
      > PS -- Her machine is waaay fancier than mine. Will the concepts transfer well or should I
      > make her get out her old one for me so I am not confused by the fancy stuff?
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