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Dyeing hats

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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... Is it a soft or rigid hat? If it s a soft style cap, you should just be able to dye it. If it s rigid, things get a LOT trickier. I ve reblocked hats,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2004
      > From: "Prosperine" <snowcoveredheart@...>
      > Subject: dying hats
      > Hi all....
      > so I have the perfect hat for the theatres production of
      > Pacasso at
      > Lapin Agile.. one small problem.. its Green..and it needs
      > to be
      > black.. and i dont think it will work if I cover
      > it....Ive tried and
      > not terribly impressed.. it affects the shape too much
      > Its 100% wool.. is there anyway I can dye it which wont
      > leave it
      > looking patchy or fading ? whats the best way .. taking
      > it apart as
      > much as poss and rebuilding it after dying it?.. Never
      > tried
      > anything like this before .... so any advise greatfully
      > recieved....
      > Pru.
      > xXx

      Is it a soft or rigid hat? If it's a soft style cap, you
      should just be able to dye it. If it's rigid, things get a
      LOT trickier. I've reblocked hats, it's really a pain if
      you don't have all the right tools (at the very least, you
      need something to maintain the size of the headband as the
      wool dries.) If you've got an adjustable head block, I'd
      say just dip the whole thing in a cold dye...you can cover
      the old hat-band later, if it doesn't take the dye well.
      You may need to re-dip several times to get the black
      consistent. Once you get the color where you want it,
      re-block the hat.

      Personally, though, my choice would be to do some snooping
      around and see if you can't find a black one at something
      vaguely resembling a reasonable price. For the amount of
      time and effort you would spend in dyeing and re-blocking,
      I think it'd be more economical to pay for another hat and
      spend the time working on other costume items (or
      developing a broader base of resources to draw one in the
      future...that's been my line of justification for taking
      thirty minutes searching web sites for items I find in the
      first ten...that, and I almost always find a place cheaper
      than the first one).

      Best of luck!

      Curtis Kidd
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