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  • K Murphy
    Sorry to reply late (I ve been out of town) -- but! I just finished 32 costumes for Alice in Computerland for a children s theater in Chicago, and your idea
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2004
      Sorry to reply late (I've been out of town) -- but! I just finished 32 costumes for "Alice in Computerland" for a children's theater in Chicago, and your idea sounds GREAT to me. The production I just completed included some hip-hop/Goth clothes (off the rack) mixed with computer-themed characters wearing wild-colored wigs and clown shoes. We bought yards of fabric printed with over-sized letters and numbers and sewed stripes bigger than we could buy. Big,bold, and colorful is what works with kids, as long as your design will work within a director's "concept." Used Car Salesman? Sounds like "Alice in Conceptland" to me!

      Kate Murphy

      dy <jinx_hardy@...> wrote:
      I've been assigned a final project in my costuming class. We're to design and build from lightweight muslin, a single character from Alice in Wonderland. I've chosen the Cheshire Cat and have come up with a design that I like. I'm designing the character for a female actor, and have decided to do "her" up similar to a used car salesman. FOr this, I've drawn a "cat" woman in a suit. The suit is a bright blue jacket, with green stripes, and contrasting pants in the green, with blue paw prints all over it. Since this project is supposedly for a children's theatre project, I was wondering if it sounded like an okay prospect. I'm going to my professor tomorrow morning with my design, but would still like the input. I dont' have access to a scanner, so I can't show you my design. Any input would be graciously accepted.

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