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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Introducing Tara

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  • Siebel San
    ... Hehehe, I did a production of JCS (I was light crew though, not costumer.) and after they took Jesus down from his cross, they...I don t know how to
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 18, 2000
      > > Describe your favorite costume disaster.
      > Our Jesus in JC Superstar was a skinny guy, who decided
      > to "work out"
      > and gain weight to "get more buff" for his nearly naked
      > on cross scenes.
      > (I don't have to make this up- he used his terrific
      > acting/singing
      > talents chiefly to pick up girls). He didn't tell us he
      > was doing this,
      > and so by the third weekend of the run had changed sizes.
      > A fact he
      > didn't choose to mention. At the pick-up rehearsal,
      > where the High
      > School kids from North Pole (ultra fundamentalist
      > conservative Christian
      > town next door) were invited, the snaps gave way on his
      > loincloth which
      > dropped off while on the cross, showing all the little
      > Christian
      > children his "Bike" underwear at the climax.

      Hehehe, I did a production of JCS (I was light crew though,
      not costumer.) and after they took Jesus down from his
      cross, they...I don't know how to describe it...stuck him
      in this giant silver parachute with arms and lifted him up
      on somebody's shoulders who was staging beneath it. The
      overall effect was a tiny GI Joe wearing a big silver
      Barbie dress...to this day I still don't get it. I would
      add that as a costume disaster to my list, though i don't
      know if it would be classified as a costume or set piece...
      > > What was the worst costume you ever saw at a RenFaire,
      > SCA event,
      > > etc.?
      > My favorite, (c. 1978) which lives forever in my mind was
      > a mid
      > Elizabethan court lady gown made perfectly in every way
      > of style and
      > construction, except that the main fabric was bubble gum
      > pink cotton
      > with flocked pink daisies, with a partlet of white cotton
      > with flocked
      > bubble gum pink daisies. It filled me with horror at the
      > time, yet now
      > I rather wish I had one just for the fun of making Ren
      > Faire
      > "authenticity nazis" twitch.

      Hey hey hey! I am one of thos authenticity nazies! At the
      last faire I went to (a MEDIEVAL faire) there was a girl in
      a baby pink and pastel purple ELIZIBETHAN gown. It was
      > > How you would dress a bridesmaid?
      > Knowing my friends (costumers and drag queens) I'd say I
      > would try to
      > find the most hideous fabric in the most appalling shade,
      > hand each one
      > 7 yards of the stuff, and award a prize for the most
      > tasteless outfit by
      > vote of the guests. The competition would be insanely
      > fierce, and make
      > up for the fact that my likely taste in bridal gown would
      > be either
      > extreme of sedate reusable suit or over the top absurd
      > costume
      > extravaganza in bubble wrap.
      I LOVE IT!!!

      > --
      > ----Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Costume Designer/Associate
      > Professor
      > Theatre UAF/The University of Alaska Fairbanks
      > Come see one of the web's largest costume sites
      > "The Costumer's Manifesto" at http://www.costumes.org
      > More costume site than you can surf in a day.
      > See also http://moviefans.to/MenWithBigHair (The Costume
      > Movie Site)
      > and http://visit.to/TheCostumeShop (The UAF Costume
      > Department Online)

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