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  • michaela de bruce
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2001
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      << SO does anyone from this wonderful list have any ideas where I can
      go for information concerning the cut of men's shirts in the middle
      ages-Renaissance periods? I have a few costume book sources and I'm
      in the SCA so have a background there-but I thought some of you might
      have some advice? Thanking you in advance! >>

      Have you tried joing the SCA-Garb list? Extremely high volume (over
      1000 subscribers), and archives that reflect this;) You can join
      online so you don't get all the mail
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCA-Garb join and in the selection
      choose no mail.. if you choose digest, you'll likely get several
      digests each day).

      There will be links to be found in there I'm sure. There are a few
      sites out there that deal with underwear mentioned in the list, at
      the time you are referring to they really were underwear that got
      shown rather than an outer layer. Does Janet Arnold's book (Patterns
      of Fashion, the one up to 1660) have a few examples? I've never
      really used her books to look at male costume.

      good luck,
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