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  • Allison Harding
    I have had great success with plastic needle point canvas as a stiffener or interfacing for ears/hats, etc. It s washable/dryable/durable and easily cuts
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2004
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      I have had great success with plastic needle point canvas as a
      "stiffener" or "interfacing" for ears/hats, etc. It's
      washable/dryable/durable and easily cuts and sews to any shape. I have
      covered with both stretch fabrics and woven. Have also used various
      thicknessness of uphoustery foam. It all depends on the look you want.

      For tails, my favorite is a combination of fabric base shape then
      hot-glue (can also be sewn) wig hairin appropriate area. Most hair
      supply stores (i.e. Sally's) and many on-line stores carry fabulous
      variety of colors of long straight or curled hair used for hair
      extensions. You want the kind that is "railroad" or bound at the top
      edge--not the loose hairs used in glue-in or sewn-in extensions.

      Have fun with your project!

      >>>I have to make 15 sets of donkey ears and tails. I was thinking
      maybe I would make knit headbands and attach ears. Not sure of size
      or shape of a donkeys ears or how to make them light and stiff. Any
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