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  • Keith Scoggins
    ... also some opera & theatrical ... ages ... Choreographer said she d supply her own costumes. The were white cotton lycra unitards w/ designs on them done
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2000
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      > Name? Kathy
      > Location?Denver, CO
      > Mental Age?20 going on 85
      > Do you have a web site?not really
      > What is your main interest in costume? mostly dancewear for modern ballet,
      also some opera & theatrical
      > What are your favorite Costume Movies? Haven't had time to watch any in
      > What is your favorite historic costume period? 1600s & 1930s
      > Describe your favorite costume disaster. Not mine, but I fixed it--a
      Choreographer said she'd supply her own costumes. The were white cotton
      lycra unitards w/ designs on them done w/ pastel chalk! When the guy leaned
      over the girl in rehearsal, it left a red & orange bullseye on her rear! I
      took them home, bleached them, painted them with dye and steamed them and
      had them back for a show the next night!
      > What was the worst costume you ever saw at a RenFaire, SCA event,
      > etc.? I've only gone to one and was too busy staying warm to care!
      > What is your favorite weird costume material? 1/8" closed cell foam from
      the hardware store--sews and glues well, holds a nice shape and takes spray
      paint! Also fiberglass rods.
      > Describe a costume object or material for which you have searched in
      > vain. Nothing in particular--I seem to come up with interesting
      > How you would dress a bridesmaid? I like Tara's idea of a contest for the
      tackiest design, but the idea I've given my daughters is elope!
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