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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: costuming for movies/TV?

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  • K Murphy
    I completely agree about haunted houses; I ve met some immensely talented and creative artists through them (sculptors, mask-makers, make-up artists, and other
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      I completely agree about haunted houses; I've met some immensely talented and creative artists through them (sculptors, mask-makers, make-up artists, and other wonderful resource contacts). You just have to be a bit choosy about which ones to associate yourself with. Look for one with a real budget.

      As far as film/TV work, I have several friends in the business (producers, directors, and writers of major motion pictures as well as television series) who all say the same thing: if you're really serious about it, you need to be on the West Coast. If you don't know anyone out there and you can't find work based on your present experience, volunteer your services as a costumer on a student film project at USC, where the next crop of directors is coming from. Network, learn where to shop, and learn how the business works. And be prepared to work like a dog.

      Kate M.

      Beige Allen <Beige68@...> wrote:

      I just joined the group but my brother is currently doing makeup
      effects on an small action/suspense film project for an independent
      film company. I often assist him with costuming details and design on
      many of the projects he has done (haunted house, ifilms, etc). In
      addition to the suggestions made, I would add working with local
      theatre groups, donate your time if you have to. Talk to the local
      haunted houses this time of year and you may be able to pre book a
      gig with them for next year, in some areas good costumers forget this
      fast source of seasonal income, in addition, they can be an unusual
      source for contacts. My brother was introduced to both Alice Cooper
      and Todd Macfarlane through doing haunted houses.

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