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Digest Number 7--seagulls

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  • Sarah P
    Rusti-- I m not sure what kind of seagull they re looking for, as in species, but two seagulls are needed: one mounted and one laying loose because it s just
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2000

      I'm not sure what kind of seagull they're looking for, as in species, but
      two seagulls are needed: one mounted and one laying loose because it's just
      been shot and brought on-stage. I've been playing around with the idea of
      making like a life-size beanbag seagull for the non-mounted bird and
      covering it with feathers, but there's not much time and I don't even know
      if my idea would work since feathers are difficult to find around here. If
      possible, I'd like to find a bird that can be made to flex at the joints
      (wings, neck, legs, shoulders) so that it would move when dropped on the
      floor. The mounted bird might be your standard seagull--two feet on the
      ground, wings and tail folded, head upright. But I don't know exactly what
      the props master or director want. I could ask them and see what they have
      in mind. The show opens the first weekend of November, but I'd need the
      birds before then, maybe by Halloween? I'm not sure how soon they want all
      of the final props. Thank you for your offer. I don't know what kind of
      species are found in Russia, but I'd guess that the common seagull, laughing
      gull, or hooded gull might work. I've seen a picture of one that was solid
      grey with red and yellow beak before, but don't know what part of the world
      it came from. I'll get in touch before the end of the week. Thanks!



      >Raven- what kind of seagull do you need? does it need to be flexible? if
      >not, should it be in wings-spread or folded-body position? how soon do you
      >need it? i do a little taxidermy on the side, and a friend of mine runs a
      >wildlife rehab center- there are often animal "patients" that don't
      >so far I've gotten a hawk and an osprey... I'll ask about a seagull if you
      >have time... what's your deadline? rusti

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