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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Hey Everyone!

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  • AF Murphy
    That site is up? Hooray! Last time I looked they were still working on it - said it was coming. I m in NYC, and I ve used the Picture Collection to research
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 26, 2003
      That site is up? Hooray! Last time I looked they were still working on
      it - said it was coming.

      I'm in NYC, and I've used the Picture Collection to research design for
      years. It is the most fantastic resource! They are literally pictures
      cut out of old magazines, books, loose photos, you name it - just the
      pictures and whatever citation they had (sometimes great, sometimes
      there was almost no credit in the original). I've used it mostly for
      20th Century work, mostly photos, but they do have copies of other
      things, too.


      Kelli Springer wrote:
      > Hey Everyone,
      > Sorry if I sent duplicates I hit the wrong button. I don't think I ever
      > introduced myself on here. But my name is Kelli Springer I'm from NC,
      > and I absolutly love costumes. I don't know if I can offer any help to
      > many people because I am kinda new at making them, just graduated from a
      > fashion school a few months ago. But I would like to tell ya'll about
      > something (sorry if you already knew about it), I'm not sure how many of
      > you have used NYC's public library but they have an amazing Picture
      > library. They have thousands of pictures on clothing/costume history (I
      > went to school in nyc, and I was checking out pics like every other day
      > for my job and school!) They (from what I've looked through) have them
      > ALL online. You don't even need a card to acess the site or at least I
      > think soo.. but if ones needed I'd be glad to help since I still have
      > mine. I thought this might help the lady who doesnt have close acess to
      > a library (even those of you who do, because to the best of my
      > knowledge this pic library is unique), I think she was looking for ties
      > so this might help her. Hehe just about forgot the link.. that would
      > have been dumb of me! http://digital.nypl.org/mmpco/ Those of you
      > with a love of corsets theres alot of pics of them (A corset was one of
      > the first pieces I ever made for my costume history class soo there my fav!)
      > Kelli Springer
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