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  • Ana's Accoutremonts
    Here s a link to a site that is under construction, but she at one time had the instructions for a Karenska bodice. This is an excellent annotated
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      Here's a link to a site that is under construction, but she at one time
      had the instructions for a Karenska bodice. This is an excellent
      annotated bibliography.



      Julia Trimarco wrote:

      > TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      > 3. fairy crown thanks, still need lace up bodice for ballet
      > From: "deafcat12"
      > 5. identifying fabric content
      > From: "deafcat12"
      > 8. Re: metallics and fabric I.D.
      > From: "jing"
      > 9. Re: identifying fabric content
      > From: surggj
      > I'm still looking for instructions for or a good illustration of a
      > laced-up ballet bodice. This is different than a corset! Can anyone
      > help me with a source?
      > * * I made a ballet bodice as a grad school project, unfortunately, i
      > haven't uncovered my patterns and i have no book reference for this,
      > as the knowledge came straight from the instructor, a former ballet
      > danseur himself. I do know that his patter was modelled on the
      > "Korinska" (sp?) bodice, a method developed by Madame Korinska, before
      > stretch, the side panels are cut on the bias to allow for breathing
      > and movement. THe front panel (seamed at center front) is basically a
      > "V", side panels, and back panels (rectangular in shape), 6 panels
      > total, strapless, with elastic straps added that are dyed to match the
      > dancer. Perhaps you can find something by searching "Korinska"
      > -Jypsie
      > From: "deafcat12"
      > Subject: identifying fabric content
      > My "cheat sheet" for doing burn tests on fabrics is page 76 from
      > Chapter 3 of The Costume Technician's Handbook by Ingham and Covey
      > (1992. Heineman Educational Books, Inc.) ISBN 0-435-08610-3. This
      > book has been the ultimate quick-reference t...it's a pretty commonly
      > assigned
      > text in theatre courses. The biggest drawback for me is that it does
      > not address special techniques for ballet costumes, which is what I
      > build... does anyone have a book I don't know about (I'm sure I have
      > the only three...)
      > a great book i have it and used it in school but i believe the burn
      > test sheet i use is from an article my textiles instructor found i
      > believe it is a clearer sheet at some point i will have time to
      > put it on excel and perhaps send it out to those who send me an email
      > and request it
      > -Jypsie
      > jypsiedesign@...
      > ________________________________________________________________________
      > From: Ana's Accoutremonts
      > Subject: Re: metallics and fabric I.D.
      > A good summary of the fabric content burn test is at
      > http://www.fabriclink.com/Burntest.html
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