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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Forward about textile related tour to asia

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  • Lara Greene
    Hi Betsy, I m a member of Theatrical Wardrobe Union, local #764, IATSE in NYC. I m currently a full time dresser for a show. I m not sure but I think we are
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      Hi Betsy,
      I'm a member of Theatrical Wardrobe Union, local #764, IATSE in NYC. I'm currently a full time dresser for a show. I'm not sure but I think we are some of the higher paid in the country and we do not make $100 for an hours work, I wish we did. Our current contract pays us $83.92 per performance or $23.94 per hour with a 4 hour minimum call. These wages will seem high to many living outside the NYC area but keep in mind, besides loosing about 40% to taxes, most of us pay rents in excess of $1400 a month (this city is very expensive to live in). We are also by far the lowest paid employees in professional theater in NYC.

      I believe to become a member our union requires a resume with theater experience, 3 letters of reccomendation (from anyone) and an interview. You do not need to know anyone to register but it will greatly help to have a good resume. So, no in NYC you do not need to know someone to get in, it helps if one or more of those letters of reccomendation are from union members, but plenty of people get in without help. I hear in other areas with fewer jobs and smaller unions it can be pretty exclusive.

      Lara in NYC
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      From: Betsy Santow
      To: TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 11:11 AM
      Subject: Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Forward about textile related tour to asia

      WOW.. Does that sound terrific...How I would love to
      go to Thailand...
      Hi this is Betsy. I'm one that sits back and reads
      all the good stuff all of you write.

      I have a question for all of you out there...

      How many of you are Union Costumers? and /or
      I use to work backstage in catering, but a few times I
      filled in to press clothes (Tom Jones sweatie red silk
      shirt!Ick!). I was paid $100.00 for about an hours
      work! I like doing costuming but I was told that I
      needed to "know" someone to get in?
      Can anyone relate to this or give more info about it?
      --- Tara Maginnis <Tara@...> wrote:
      > Mongol Global Tour Co. is offering a Thailand tour
      > with a costume
      > emphasis. We are not officically calling it a
      > costume tour as we are
      > offering enough general interest features on this
      > tour will be
      > appealing to everyone (including spouses, children
      > and friends). But
      > there are many, many features of this tour which
      > someone in costuming
      > will LOVE! From the stops at the Thai silk stores,
      > to visiting the
      > minorities and their weaving and embroidery, to the
      > stop at the
      > Burmese border where there are trapuntos to die for!
      > But if you have
      > family or friends who might want to go, they can go
      > on the same tour
      > and barely notice the costuming.
      > We are offering a great price for this
      > deightful tour - $2,480
      > - for 13 days, including international airfare from
      > LA, 4-star hotels
      > (dbl occ), all tours, meals, transfer, etc.
      > We currently have two dpearture dates:
      > Nov. 1-13 (with optional Nov. 13-16 Angkor
      > Wat extension)
      > Dec. 27-Jan. 8 (with optional Jan. 8-11
      > Angkor Wat extension)
      > Please let us know if you are interested.
      > Grand Thailand Tour
      > With Costume emphasis
      > (with an optional Angkor Wat extension)
      > Tour Summary: This tour combines three of the best
      > areas in Thailand
      > to visit, Bangkok, Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai and Phuket
      > Island.
      > November-February is the best time to travel to
      > Thailand as it is the
      > cool season. There are so many wonderful
      > experiences on this tour:
      > with the beautiful landscapes, beaches, temples,
      > historical buildings,
      > elephant rides and shows, the cultural shows with
      > their lovely music,
      > dance and costumes and the minority peoples, as well
      > as the incredible
      > Thai food, people and hospitality. If you take the
      > Angkor Wat
      > extension you will have one of the most amazing
      > archaelogical
      > experiences in the world! If you are looking for
      > good value for your
      > travel dollar while having a world-class experience,
      > this tour may be
      > exactly what you are looking for. We invite you to
      > join us!
      > Itinerary:
      > Nov. 1 We leave for Thailand. The main group
      > leaves from LAX,
      > however, if you prefer, you can travel seperately
      > and join us there.
      > The adventure begins!
      > (Meals on flight)
      > Nov. 2 You arrive in Bangkok where your guide
      > will meet you,
      > welcome you and transfer you to your hotel.
      > D
      > Nov. 3 Today you will go to the incredible Grand
      > Palace with Wat
      > Pra Kaeo. This historic set of governmental and
      > religious buildings
      > display the incredible sense of making buildings
      > like precious stones
      > and jewelry. Several unique buildings stand side by
      > side, from the
      > Golden Stuppa to the glittering Wat and the
      > governmental buildings
      > with the English architecture and Thai roofs. and
      > Later go to the
      > National Museum. Thai traditional massage (2
      > hrsToday)
      > Evening: Traditional Thai dinner with classical
      > dances and traditional
      > performances (and beautiful costumes).
      > B, L, D
      > Nov 4 Breakfast in hotel We will give you a
      > Bangkok canal tour with
      > visit to Wat Arun. After lunch your tour continues
      > with a visit to the
      > Golden Buddha & Reclining Buddha temples. We will
      > then go to the Silk
      > Shops and see the fine Thai silk products and cloth.
      > We can also stop
      > at the antiques and relics shopping area, where many
      > fascinating items
      > can be found.
      > B, L, D
      > Nov. 5 Today you will take an early flight to
      > Chiang Rai (less than a
      > one hour flight). Upon arriving you will visit the
      > Queen Mother's
      > Home and Garden, Doi Tung. afterwards we will take
      > you to the Burmese
      > border, where there are many interesting sights and
      > Burmese
      > handicrafts, silver work, gems, jewelry and fabric
      > arts including
      > their incredible trapuntos. Then you will to the
      > historic Golden
      > Triangle where three countries share a border,
      > Thailand, Laos and
      > Burma (Myanmar). You will see the small Opium
      > Museum and where two
      > rivers join the three nations.
      > Option: Ride a small river boat to the
      > Burmese side and stop
      > on a small island owned by Laos.
      > B, L, D
      > Nov. 6 After breakfast you will go on an excursion
      > across to visit
      > the hilltribe villages where you will meet the Aca,
      > the Hmong, Yao and
      > the Karen (the people with the multiple rings around
      > their necks).
      > Many of the natives have stands with handicrafts,
      > hats, weavings,
      > embroideries, etc. Lunch will be at local
      > restaurants along the way,
      > Then you will arrive in Chiang Mai and check into
      > the hotel. Dinner
      > at local restaurant in Chiang Mai.
      > B, L, D
      > Nov. 7: The day begins with a visit to the Doi
      > Suthep, the ancient
      > temple sight. After lunch we will take you to the
      > Handicraft
      > "villages" which are actually the various factories
      > of the many things
      > which the Thais make very well: silk, silver
      > crafting, umbrellas,
      > cloissonne, furniture and leather.
      > Evening Option: The Night Market
      > B, L, D
      > Nov. 8 After breakfast you will visit the Elephant
      > Camp, see the
      > elephant show and cultural show and take a one hour
      > elephant ride, go
      > on a bamboo raft and learn about the noble Asian
      > elephant and the
      > worker monkees. You will also visit the Orchid Farm.
      > Evening - Khantoke dinner with hilltribe dances
      > (spectacular show,
      > dance, music and costumes)
      > B, L, D
      > Nov. 9 We will take a flight from Chiang Mai
      > directly to Phuket
      > Island (1 hr. 45min). There you will be met by the
      > guide and taken to
      > your resort hotel. This island and its beaches are
      > very beautiful as
      > is the resort hotel so the rest of this day is free
      > for you to enjoy
      > the area you are in.
      > B, L, D
      > Nov. 10: Free day in Phuket (enjoy the resort area
      > and the local
      > beaches).
      > B
      > Nov. 11 Free Day
      > Option: A "jungle safari" which includes an
      > elephant ride, a
      > boating experience, a fairly unique elephant show
      > and elephant
      > demonstration as well as a monkee show. (Option:
      > $35/person includes
      > lunch)
      > Evening option: Fantasee, the excellent
      > multi-media show and dinner
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