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  • JAzo478796@aol.com
    Dear Everybody :) I m writing to announce the launch of a new magazine called Vintage Fashion; we re published by the publishers of Renaissance Magazine but
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
      Dear Everybody :)
      I'm writing to announce the launch of a new magazine called Vintage Fashion;
      we're published by the publishers of Renaissance Magazine but we're focsing
      on the business side of vintage apparel, historical costume and antique

      We plan to have our first issue on the shelves in May. Our first issue is
      going to have a bunch of nice juicy articles (interviews with a former set
      and costume designer who has been hired by a wealthy philanthropist to build
      a museum collection - she's talking about all the factors that go into
      creating a collection and choosing pieces from all over the world; also an
      interview with one of the finest historical costume designers/creators for
      cinema in the world, based in Italy); lots of great book reviews; photo
      spreads from costume musems, etc. We're also going to cover spinning, dyeing
      and weaving and the whole issue of recreating and/or conserving textiles.
      And we're going to include information and stories from all over the world,
      not just the U.S.

      We welcome input from prospective readers - what you feel is missing out
      there and what should be covered in the magazine.

      We're specifically addressing people who might have shops or teach or work,
      in some sense, in the field of costume. Our circulation will include
      costume and set designers for film, theater, opera and ballet, collectors,
      curators of museum costume collections, dealers, auction houses, textiles
      weavers, specialty retailers, stylists and buyers as well as reenactors and
      avid historical costume and vintage fashion buffs.

      We'll also have classified ads and we'll be listing interesting events,
      lectures, workshops etc. as well as Letters to the Editor.

      We're offering a free debut issue to interested costume people who send us
      their name and address; if you send us names and addresses of freinds and
      colleagues, we'll get a complimentary issue to them, as well; and if you send
      us over ten names and addresses, we'll send you your first year free.

      Please send the information for our mailing list to Vintage fashion magazine;
      the email address is fashionreporting@...

      Thank you,
      Vintage Fashion Magazine

      If, on the other hand, you have any friends (overseas or in the U.S.) who
      might be interested in this magazine, please give them our email address
      (fashionreporting@...) because we do want to make sure we reach a broad
      audience and get the word out. Our web site will be up as soon as possible -
      remember, this is a LOT of work.
      Thank you for your patience,

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