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Forward about Summer Jobs

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  • Tara Maginnis <Tara@costumes.org>
    From: Kim Monk Subject: Summer Costume Positions
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2003
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      From: Kim Monk <kmonk@...>
      Subject: Summer Costume Positions

      > The Idaho Repertory in conjuction with the University of
      > Idaho Department of
      > Theatre Arts and Film is seeking applicants for drapers,
      > stitchers and/or
      > dressers for our 2003 summer theatre. Contract dates are
      > approximately May
      > 31 to July 30, 2003. Positions are paid and housing is
      > provided. It is a
      > great opportunity for graduate or undergraduate students
      > to work with
      > professional costume designers and students from
      > throughout the country.
      > Shows include an outdoor Shakespeare production of As You
      > Like It; Bilioxi
      > Blues; a musical about Patsy Cline; and Steel Magnolias.
      > It will be a fun
      > summer! For more information about Idaho Repertory
      > Theatre, see our website
      > at www.uitheatre.com There are some really wonderful
      > photos of past
      > seasons' productions and costumes!! Check them out!
      > Please call or email
      > questions to Kim Monk, costume shop manager at
      > kmonk@... or
      > 208-885-6131
      > Thanks!!
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