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Re: Creating a giant costume

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  • chyclovabazatlik <judys@nwlink.com>
    ... the ... a ... of ... pipe ... so ... pants ... the ... suggested ... think ... small ... Thanks Kathleen, I didn t even think about how tired those little
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 4, 2003
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      > > I've been asked to create a costume of a giant (think Jack and
      > > Beanstalk) for a class of 1st graders. I have some ideas...build
      > > cross, mount a paper mache head on it and cover it with a tunic
      > > sorts, and when the child holds the bottom of the cross, the head
      > is
      > > 3 feet above him/her, for starters. I was wondering if there are
      > any
      > > other ideas out there to consider. I'd appreciate any input!
      > THanks!
      > Aah, something I know. In a puppetry class I took in college we made
      > several large puppets like this. You might want to make what is
      > basically a big rod puppet. Use light weight materials (plastic
      > might work well for the armature.)and make the rod reach the floor
      > the child can just hold it upright. A rubber "foot" on the bottom,
      > like the bottom of a crutch, will make it easier to control. Holding
      > it over their head would be excrutiating after a short time. If you
      > make a robe like costume for the giant, the child can be inside
      > completly hidden or if you want to, you can make a pair of loose
      > to peek out from under the robe.
      > Arms can be on rods or you can fake the arms by making a false arm
      > that drops to the childs shoulder so they can put their whole arm in
      > the bottom half of the sleeve. A hand on a rod can be dropped and
      > child can use both hands to carry his torso. Movement might be
      > ristricted, but you can plan accordingly.
      > A more complicated costume could be mounted on a pack fram, but that
      > is stretching it for a first grade play. Someone I knew once
      > making a giant by putting the actor on a wheeled stool and putting
      > them in a long robe to cover it. The arms were free to move and an
      > actor in black would wheel the giant around the stage. I don't
      > they ever tried it but it was an idea. It might not be safe fo
      > children.
      > I hope something in here is of use.
      > Kathleen

      Thanks Kathleen, I didn't even think about how tired those little
      arms would get! Great idea.
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