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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Medieval underwear?

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  • sheila widmaier
    ... something there. She wants a corset of some type, and though I can make a basic one, she ... under her bridal gown...she s gonna love
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 12, 2001
      > Subject: Re: Medieval underwear?
      > > > > Hmmmm, this is a tough one. The bride is
      > moderately> > > endowed in the bust and needs
      something there. > She> > wants a> > > corset of some
      type, and though I can make a> basic one,> > she
      > > > wants as authentic a one as possible. Anyone
      > else have> > any> > > suggestions? (going commando
      under her bridal> > gown...she's> > > gonna love that
      one...)> > > -Jessie
      > >
      > > Any type of corset is going to be inauthentic,
      > since> > corsets werent worn> > until the
      Renaissance. How about she just wears a> > seamless
      bra, ie,> > something that shows as little as
      > >
      > They didn't wear ANYTHING underneath? At all?

      Not that we know of. Although the men did wear
      Chausses And Braies. I believe the current
      scholarly thought is that women would wear a very
      fitted under-dress, and some kind of leg-wraps.


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