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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] "Gosford Park" dress ideas?

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  • Jasmine Tree
    Hello Kate, It looks like a bias-cut dress in the photo - I would cut the yoke and swath as a separately finished piece, seamed at the shoulders, the front
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2002


      Hello Kate,

      It looks like a bias-cut dress in the photo - I would cut the yoke and swath as a separately finished piece, seamed at the shoulders, the front neckline of the yoke matching the front-dress neckline exactly........then attach it along the front neck (also tack down lower front edges), and clasp (or otherwise secure and decorate) at the shoulder.

      It would look very nice if the yoke piece were to widen at the shoulder, to twice the shoulder width, then continue straight along those lines into what forms the swaths for the back; it can be draped slightly under the clasp at the shoulder, and would provide for fuller, draped swaths, rather than flat ones...I would also make the swaths of different lengths (maybe a 6" difference, with both swaths reaching under the buttocks, cut them too long and have a look before deciding on a final length) rather than even, and angled into a point...as for decoration on the shoulder......rhinestones look lovely on velvet.

      I would suggest using a light-weight rayon or silk velvet, cut with the nap UP, and the grainline centred down the middle of the swaths, and down centre-front of the yoke front......rayon and silk velvets are more difficult to work with, but drapes beautifully, and is less bulky..... and the the look of rayon or silk velvet and the lighter weight is more suitable to go with satin......hence, worth the effort.

      Good luck, sounds like lots of fun,



        Kate <castalusoria@...> wrote:

      Hello, all!  I'm back after a multimonth hiatus-- life has been crazy.
      Because I'm in a brief lull in the madness, I decided, of course, that I
      should undertake another project.  (*sigh*)

      Reproduce the dress Kristen Scott Thomas wore in "Gosford Park," for a
      period live-action roleplaying game in which I participate.  Or
      something like it.  I'm not set on trying to do an exact replica...
      being a perfectionist, I try to pick and choose where I'm fussy.  I'd
      rather made a dress that fits and is flattering to me-- even if it means
      it's not exactly the same as the original-- than worry about it being an
      exact reproduction, for instance.  A picture of the dress is here:


      IMDB's got a studio still here (apologies for the long link!):

      I can't find a photo of the back.  :-(   Rather than being a velvet yoke
      or collar, I think the velvet swath hangs down behind the shoulders.

      My plan is to use the slip dress pattern in Simplicity's #8739-- which
      seems to have disappeared from the pattern catalog, now that I'm looking
      for a link to show the picture?  It was from the Simplicity Retro
      Collection-- the "1920s" pattern.  With the right jewelry and hairstyle,
      it's doable for the 1930s, I've found.

      Different dress, yes-- but I've made this dress several times, and have
      had good success with it, fit and otherwise.  (Was one of the fastest
      costume projects I've done!)  That established, my question: does anyone
      have advice or suggestions for putting a velvet mock-yoke on that
      pattern?  (or in general?)

      Thanks much!

      ~ Kate, in DC

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