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  • Donna Barnes-Haesemeyer
    I costumed The Hobbit afew years ago. It was a blast! The version of the play we performed had goblins, whom we costumed with all kinds of found
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 7, 2002
      I costumed The Hobbit afew years ago. It was a blast! The version of
      the play we performed had "goblins," whom we costumed with all kinds
      of "found" objects--shields made from hub caps, stove pipe gauntlets,
      a huge tortoise shell that we used as a chest plate. Our community
      theatre gets a lot of donations of fur coats. Some of the really sad
      ones we cut up to make furry leggings.

      Your idea for the hobbit feet is interesting. Hope it works well for
      you. We just used spirit gum to glue crepe hair on the kids' feet.
      Good luck with your production! It's a really fun play to produce!

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@y..., Siebel San <siebelsan@y...> wrote:
      > That picture was the custes thing I've seen in a long
      > time!!! I love it!
      > Jessica (whew, I was talkative today)
      > ALSO I came up
      > > with a great idea to make hairy feet for a hobbit
      > > costume, as THE HOBBIT is
      > > my next play. For my grandsons Halloween costume, we cut
      > > the tops off a
      > > small pair of tight socks. I put the sock around a can
      > > of soup to hold
      > > tightly. Then I cut small pieces of curly hair off the
      > > wig he'd wear and
      > > hot-glued them to the top of the sock. The sock then
      > > slipped easily over
      > > his foot and VOILA: Hairy feet. I don't know if this
      > > works, but I'm
      > > attaching a photo of Zeke as Frodo. Happy costuming!
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