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Farwell to Australia!

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  • Alexandre Vassiliev
    My dear friends, This Sunday I m leaving Brisbane to Paris via Kuala Lumpur with Qantas. I did spent more than 50 days on this 3rd tour of this unforgettable
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2002
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      My dear  friends,

       This Sunday I'm leaving Brisbane to Paris via Kuala Lumpur with Qantas. I did spent more than 50 days on this 3rd tour of this unforgettable country.The result of my two exhibitions and lecture series in Sydney TAFE at Ultimo and David Jones in Brisbane ,with the lectures at City Hall, was a total success.The first one was put together by an adorable Connie Hart and energetic Ros O'Dell of TAFE.The last one was put together by the Brisbane based Trio design and Mary Wong. 

        There where around 5000 australians who did see my collection of period cloths from Russia and Europe in two cities and I did get wonderful responds from TV Channel 7, Radio ABC and CBS,newspapers in English "Brisbane news" and others, Russian " Unification" and in Lithuanian.More over I did a lecture in Canberra's National Gallery on the costumes of Diaghileff Ballet Russe, which as well gained the best scores. In the Rocks of Sydney I had a pleasure to lecture for the Friends of Australian ballet, organized by Ramona Ratas and the Lithuanian community and in Brisbane I gave a free talk in the Russian Club orginised by Doctor Alex Klestov.As well  in Brisbane I was a part on the official lecturing program at the RAQ fashion awards and had to lecture once for them as well.Both of my exhibitions "Costume & Couture" and  "Moda Russia. 200 years of style." where accompanied by a display of my own theatrical costumes original designs on paper, some of which where successfully sold and will remain now in Australia.

       The program of this tour gave me a wonderful possibility to see more of their rich museums, galleries and an outstanding nature and a wild life. I had the breathtaking trips to Mudgee, Gulgong, Berrima, Noosa,Curabell and Byron Bay. All those places gave a great inspiration and a pleasure to my eyes and soul!

         There where some wonderful antiquing experiences in Berrima, some kangaroo wonderings in Mudgee aroused by some exceptional wine at Warre family estate, Visits to the Ballet Russe unique collection  presented by Mr. Robert Bell, the Curator of the Decorative Arts and Design at the National Gallery of Australia and  more visits to the New Parliament and museums, great trips in search of the Russian icons in Mossman with Ros O'Dell,visits of Marrickville with my long time friend Sandra Eckersley, dinners with my flemish friend Martien Coucke, great gatherings with a very talented australian fashion designer Peter Dwyer, remarkable evenings in Nundah with Olga Savina-Taylor, russian soprano, who turned designer, then a writer. My parisian friend , a designer Christophe Dubois came to join me in Australia and of course loved it. A small russian lab top computer came with me and I was as well able to write some new articles and some new chapters to the next book I will be doing " 150 years of the Russian fashion in photos" which hopefully You will like as much as the "Beauty in exile".

      One of the highlights of this Australian trip was a two days stay at great Ballet Russe ballerina Irina Baronova house in Curabell which enrich my knowledge in a great way. Another one - a lunch with Tatiana Leskova, another former Ballet Russe star who came to Sydney from Rio de Janeiro on a short trip.

       I have been able to gain a great support of donors - hence 2 brand new trunks I had to buy in order to fit all my new acquisitions - countless dresses from 1920th and 1940th, hats, bags, shoes and more. Some of them are already included in my shows! The donors where indeed very generous to me - to name a few : Mrs.Kalerija Abramenko, Miss Ludmilla Trapeznikova, Miss Irina Appolonoff, Madame Gourieff ,Mrs.Felicity Jones and many more......

         At the present I do have some plans and bookings to come back here again in not too distant future and possibly  do a National Tour of Australia with my bigger dress collection and some lecturing in  Melbourne, Adelaide and else. The additional bookings are still very possible. Hope it will work out well!

      I would like to thank all my great australian friends for this great an generous support and say " Au revoir et a bientot"

      Do svidanya and Good bye!!!

      Your sincerely

      Alexandre Vassiliev


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