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  • Theresa Batsford
    If I might throw in my two cents about another NYS school, I just got my BA from the SUNY new Paltz Theatre Department. While there weren t as many classes in
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2002

      If I might throw in my two cents about another NYS school, I just got my BA from the SUNY new Paltz Theatre Department.  While there weren't as many classes in costuming as I wished (I took them all) they have the well-respected Summer Repetory theatre program.  I worked in the costume shop there for two summers and learned much more than I ever did in class.  They also are very good at encouraging student designers.  I designed a mainstage my junior year. (rare I;ve noticed) If  you have the aptitude, they will recognize it.   Jack Wade, the lighting and theatre History professor will do anything too.  He got me professional contacts, wrote letters of reccommendation, helped me get my portfolio together, even when I had already graduated.  He is a dream director to work with too.  What you get out of school is what you make of it.  I have already worked professionally alot more than most just-out-of-school-without-a-masters college students would because of that program.

       Julia Logan Trimarco wrote:

      >From: Stacey Dunleavy <anastasi5@...>
      >FIT!  They have all aspects of the fashion industry,
      ...I've been taking classes in their patternmaking department
      and they cover design technique for independent dressmakers as
      well as industrial processes for production management.
      >--- Beverly Bullock <bbullock2000@...> wrote:
      > > SUNY-Purchase has a good theatre department, as does
      > > NYU (very expensive, NYU). Syracuse has good theatre
      > > and art.

      > > ----- Original Message -----
      > > From: roseleigh248
      I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips hints or info on good
      colleges to apply to especially in NY and portfolios. I am a high school
      senior and want to become a costume deigner for theater or TV. I have been
      working and pracicing to improve myself. ..My dream is to get out to
      California one day and work there...but first I need to get ymself into a
      good college with the major I need. Thank you
      > > again. ~Casey
      > >

      Dear Casey,
      I got my MFA from SUNY Purchase. They also have an intense,
      concservatory-style BFA program for undergraduates.  It sounds like you are
      seroius about theatre. IF you are dead sure that all you want to do is
      design (once you make some contacts and get some experience, you can design
      anything from film, t.v., commercials, theatre, events,etc.) then it might
      be the program for you.
      I say that because I got a more traditional Theatre Degree from a liberal
      arts college, and it gave me more time to explore various interest in
      literature, performance, dance, directing, etc.
      At Purchase, you will be thrown head first into a program designed to make
      you a working professional in four years. You will not be allowed to work
      outside of the conservatory (except for workstudy), to sing, dance, act,
      On the up side, I think it is a great program, and you will learn from New
      York pros, take field trips to theatres in the city (1/2 hour away). It will
      consume your life, but if it's really what you want, you'll love it.

      a brief note on FIT. I have several friends that went there, a few of which
      ended up at Purchase, when they decided they'd rather learn more about
      costumes in theatre, and less about industrial design applications.
      Costuming for theatre is VERY different. Fashion designers create things out
      a their head from pure original creativity, with only a few broad
      guidelines. Costume designers interpret a playwright's intent, and condense
      the message of a play (including the setting, historical, or otherwise) into
      the visual medium of clothing. Not to say that some classes at FIT wouldn't
      be useful, they probably would. But you won't get much transfer credit for
      them at Purchase.
      One class you can take anywhere, that is necessary is Figure Drawing.

      What are you practicing and improving?
      Whatever you are doing, take lots of pictures! If you are making a costume
      for yourself, take pictures at each construction step. Keep copies of any
      historical research you used. Write down design ideas and concepts for each
      project and keep them in your portfolio. Check out local theatre companies
      near you, whether professional or community, and see if they need a
      volunteer. Show up, do whatever they ask, and ask lots of questions.

      Good luck!

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