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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Doesn't Everyone? LOL

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  • Siebel San
    Hehehe, sounds like me... -Jessie ... ===== Visit my website! www.geocities.com/imaginations_flight/ - - - - - - - - - - “If the world could have seen what
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 13, 2002
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      Hehehe, sounds like me...

      > "Shall we modify this a bit for the times??
      > To prepare yourself for sewing, put on undergarments that
      > you would wear
      > with the garment you are working on. This will allow you
      > to strip down to
      > them in the sewing room for quick and accurate fittings.
      > Over said
      > undergarments, throw on your most comfortable pair of
      > sweats, only if they
      > are ratty, and a t-shirt, preferably one with paint
      > and/or cooking stains on
      > the front. Explain to your children that you will be in
      > the sewing room.
      > They are welcome to play Nintendo till their thumbs go
      > numb, and there is a
      > fresh box of Twinkies in the pantry. They won't starve.
      > If there is blood,
      > or breakage, they should come get you. If your hair is
      > long enough, scrape
      > it back out of your face with whatever is handy. Dig in
      > your scrap pile for
      > a piece of ribbon or selvage if necessary. Shoes are
      > optional. Make up
      > will only get on your garment as you try it on, so leave
      > that off. Too, it
      > will mar the effect of the chalk-o-liner chalk on your
      > cheek. Lipstick will
      > come off on the heads of your pins when you stick them in
      > your mouth. Since
      > the lipstick could then get onto your fabric, leave that
      > off too. Save up
      > all the good cuss words you heard during the week, use
      > them, generously,
      > when things are not going smoothly."
      > now THAT's more like it!
      > susan

      Visit my website! www.geocities.com/imaginations_flight/
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      �If the world could have seen what I have seen, feel what I have felt, there would be no more war, only love.� -MLC

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