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Re: boning

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  • thecostumersmanifesto
    I second the motion on Parka Zippers. I don t care how much pull and speed of change I ve put on a closing, In my entire career, I ve never had a blow out
    Message 1 of 32 , Jul 16, 2013
      I second the motion on Parka Zippers. I don't care how much pull and speed of change I've put on a closing, In my entire career, I've never had a blow out with a big fat separating parka zipper. The costume can get old, worn, and die, and the big molded plastic teeth of the zip will work like new, even when you rip it out and re-use it. When I was young, I worked wardrobe on a couple of ice shows that used these for quick changes on these 20lb beaded showgirl costumes that were going through quick changes one after another, two shows a day for years. They never got stuck, or failed us, though us newbie dressers did need to tape up our right forefinger at the knuckle to avoid blisters from the quantity and speed of the zipping. That converted me from my "no zipper" training in just a few days. They are completely un-killable, silent, and don't twinkle like metal ones, unless you buy those specialty rhinestone studded kind on purpose.

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      > Personally, I would go with a sport zipper (with the molded teeth that are about 1/16" to 1/8" thick)...while the place I order them from calls them #5 zippers, most of the retail places I see them sell them as sport or parka zippers. However, if you've got the corset underneath the dress, what you've got should work pretty well, because the corset will take the brunt of anything that would strain the endurance of the zipper (you just have to make sure you get laced in as tight or tighter than you had it when you fit the dress over it or you could find the process of getting into the dress much more challenging than you expected.) Make sure you put a hook and eye at the top of the zipper and have whoever is zipping you up do that first...it will save a LOT of wear and tear on the zipper!
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      > >
      > > Thank you so much , I think I will place the zip in the back. I think there
      > > will be someone to zip me up back stage. I got a 22in polyester all-purpose
      > > zipper
    • Pat Rohrbach
      Yes I knew that sorry, not a fan of hook and loop so I will not be using that. I have the wonder fabric called not sure of spelling - - Foss shape well it is
      Message 32 of 32 , Jul 22, 2013
        Yes I knew that sorry, not a fan of hook and loop so I will not be using
        that. I have the wonder fabric called not sure of spelling - - Foss shape
        well it is like foss shape but better, you can sew it and shape it and them
        steam it and it hardens to the shape you want. I made the crown for The
        Producers out of it and it worked very well. I think I will try that covered
        in the same fabric as the bodice with trim yet to be determined. A dear
        friend of my who taught costume design at a local university here convinced
        me that I will have to make the back of the bodice square and not the v
        shape of the pattern in order for the large collar to work . That is what I
        was trying to avoid but it is what it is . So I will need to cut a new back
        and lining and boning darn it !! Tks for your suggestions and help.


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        I didn't read your post well the first time. I think they call what you want
        an open standing ruffs. And they are Elizabethan or Tudor (not Victorian ;-0
        I still think you could make one out of paper, though you might want to try
        a stiff rice paper or something with a bit of body or even thin plastic. I
        would attach it to the costume at the front with hooks on the ends of the
        ruff and bars on the dress front. In the back I would put a hook or two
        center back on the ruff and bars on the dress. I guess you could do hook &
        loop tape instead--I'm not much of a fan of it.

        Anyway here's a page with some tutorials on open standing ruffs:

        And another:


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        However I would like to make one of those big Victorian collars
        > that stand not a ruffle ruff but a stand up hi sort of thing , I don't
        > what is called. Any ideas oh and how to attach it to the
        > bodice quickly. I will be in this dress for 5 min that is all. I don't
        > to spend lots of money or time but do want it to pass LOL. Help anyone ??
        > I am supposed to look like Elizabeth the first so the audience instantly
        > knows who I am supposed to be.
        > Pattyjo

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