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Renting 1900 russian uniforms?

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  • Kathy Hoover
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2011
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      entingAt 10:01 AM 10/27/2010, you wrote:
      >Yes! I just did the show and got the uniforms
      >from Bob at AIEL in Texas. He is great to work
      >with and will ship quickly. I had a couple of
      >matching uniforms made for my larger guys, so if
      >he doesn't have all of your sizes, contact Faye
      >and ask about renting the larger ones. Bob has
      >all of the medals and insignia (originals and
      >replicas). I have attached photos of our
      >production. After doing a lot of research, we
      >determined the blue uniform with the red piping
      >was actually the most historically accurate. The
      >green is most commonly used, and is actually
      >fine for the period as well. Here is Bob's info:
      >Bob 214-417 2200 <mailto:aiel%401aiel.com>aiel@...
      >562-547-9276 cell
      >From: <mailto:keridwyn_98%40yahoo.com>keridwyn_98@...
      >Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 06:42:22 -0700
      >Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] anybody have 1900 russian uniforms?
      >i'm costuming THREE SISTERS (could you guess by the subject line?)
      >and i'm in need of 6 russian uniforms (5
      >officers and 1 enlisted). green with red piping.
      >i'm in western north carolina and i need them in
      >2 weeks to have them in time for tech week (the
      >show was just cast last week). production dates are nov. 18-21st.
      >rentals are not out of the question, but $ is
      >tight (college theatre department production).
      >sizes i need are
      >the rest
      >jacket ...42 L.....pants...34W 32L
      >jacket....38R...pants 28W...30L
      >matching hats would be awesome.
      >any ideas?
      >brightest of blessings
      >paula mcwhirter-buck
      >costume designer/shop supervisor
      >mars hill college theatre arts department
      >mars hill, nc
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