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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Motors in costumes

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  • Sarah P
    Small motor turns small wheel which moves belt in track, horses suspended from bottom of track, wheel on top of track, sides of track attached to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15 2:37 PM
      Small motor turns small wheel which moves belt in track, horses suspended
      from bottom of track, wheel on top of track, sides of track attached to
      hoopskirt...hoop and suspension must be of strong materials. Keep in mind
      weight...plastic carousel horses might be good idea, wooden dowels for
      poles. Hula hoops (large diameter) might make good track, fan belt (sewing
      machine belt, vacuum cleaner belt, etc.) might work better than car fan
      belt. Lubricate inside of hula hoop to reduce friction on belt, split hula
      hoop EVENLY top and bottom to allow access for small wheel(s) and horse
      poles to spin. Bottom track (below horses) split same way on top, horse
      poles set between marbles or ball bearings so roll in bottom track. Small
      motors may include toy car motors, toy airplane, toy boat. Look in hobby
      shops that sell remote-control toys. R/C cars have "oomph" that toy trains
      do not. May have to chop a toy for its motor if can't find seperate motors,
      though good hobby shop should have "build-it-yourself" kits or parts.

      Have fun. You are more adventurous than I ever would be! However, my pet
      project is to create real retractable claws that work with your hand instead
      of against their movements. Like a cat's paw, yet keeping the size of the
      hand reasonably proportionate to human proportions and within budget! Ha.
      Guess that's just a pipe-dream.

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      >Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] Motors in costumes
      >Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 02:11:13 -0000
      >Hello List,
      >I have been a long time fan of Tara's site, but only recently have
      >taken to listservs. Why did I wait so long? These are a fabulous
      >Now to put your thinking caps on. I am planning a Halloween costume
      >(hopefully this year) called "Carousel". It will have a red
      >sequinned/embroidered dress over a stiff hoop supporting a decorated
      >rounding board and carousel horses hanging on "poles" from the hidden
      >hoopskirt edge.
      >Of course a good costume becomes GREAT when you add movement and
      >flashing lights... So I want to figure a way to actually spin my
      >horses (slowly) around the circumference of the skirt.
      >So far: original idea was a stiff plastic track with a slash out of
      >the centre of the bottom. Using a bike chain with some of the pins
      >driven out and replaced with longer pins with loops at the bottom.
      >Horse poles will hook into loops. A motor with a cogwheel (from a
      >bike) of appropriate size will drive chain around.
      >Recommendations so far : check out model train shops (in their
      >opinion their motors are not strong enough, possibly too much work),
      >trying a elasticated loop using spools, using a fanbelt instead of
      >chain (definitely possible).
      >Model shop guy recommended a small weed whacker motor. I started
      >thinking about little electric drills or screwdrivers, as they
      >already spin, the motion I will need to turn a cog. Also if I could
      >find a strong toy winch but Toys R Us isn't that helpful....
      >What an adventure this will be.
      >thanks, Moira

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