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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Textiles - Velvets - stitching tips

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  • Claudia Hill
    Deborah,   Thanks for the tips.  I will try them out the next time I sew velvet.   Claudia From: iom315 To:
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      Thanks for the tips.  I will try them out the next time I sew velvet.

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      I have been scanning the post about learning to sew and textiles. This morning I had a little extra time and thought I would share some tips that I use when working with velvet, both stretch and woven.

      I have a Pfaff with the even feed foot and a Singer with a walking foot. Both work well with velvet but I do prefer the Pfaff because the foot is built in instead of an attachment.

      Each still requires a little extra preparation when working with velvet.

      1. when I cut two layers of velvet I put the wrong sides together, I mark the selvage with arrows to remind me which way is up for the nap.

      2. after cutting the pattern piece but before moving it from its position on my cutting table I mark each cut edge at 12 to 18 inch intervals.

      3. match the markings along a seam to be stitched by pinning across the stitching line

      4. grasp the velvet at each pinned interval, holding the velvet with my thumb under the velvet and fingers on top, I then rotate my hand toward the machine so that my thumb is up and top of hand is toward the machine. This creates tension and gives me control of the fabric.

      5. stitch seam until hand holding the velvet is close to the presser foot, be sure to "needle down" before grasping the next pinned interval.

      It takes a little longer to stitch a seam but I have had great success using these techniques and can stitch a 2 yard seam with the top and bottom coming out even.

      I hope you find this helpful!
      Deborah Lynn Dixon
      Ides of March Design Group, Ltd

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