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Introducing myself

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  • Cilla
    Good morning. I must admit to my lurking status? Oh, well ... Name? Cilla Location? IL Mental Age? 22 Do you have a web site?
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2000
      Good morning.  I must admit to my lurking status?  <g>  Oh, well ...
      Name?  Cilla

      Location?  IL

      Mental Age?  22

      Do you have a web site?  http://www.farmwagon.com/~tajolla/

      What is your main interest in costume?  as a writer, to provide accuracy and authenticity to what I write.  Hate to have a gal wearing a miniskirt in 1950.  Just wouldn't portray quite the right picture of that gal.

      How you would dress a bridesmaid?  In beautiful simplicity.  The bride should be the star.
      Note I didn't answer the majority of the questions.  They just aren't applicable to my purposes.  I will mainly be a quiet lurker absorbing information.  :-)
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