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Re: Heels for men

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  • GCKidd
    ... Well, that all depends on what kind of a budget you ve got available. For our Halloween shows every year, we do a Frankenstein s Monster character...to
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 16, 2009
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, lanorte1@... wrote:
      > Any ideas for men's platform boots that don't look like Gandalf is hitting Studio 54 after he leaves Middle Earth?

      Well, that all depends on what kind of a budget you've got available. For our Halloween shows every year, we do a Frankenstein's Monster character...to make him taller (and induce that familiar lumbering gait when he's walking around), we put him in combat boots with built-up soles, done by our local cobbler (it's the same basic thing they do when doing orthopedic corrections for people with one leg shorter than the other). It's extremely effective, if you've got a good cobbler and you start with a decent shoe in the first place (learned the hard way that cheap boots don't work well, so if you go this route, converse with the cobbler in advance so he can tell you what to look for to make the job as easy as possible for him and as long-wearing as possible for you).

      The drawback? You can easily end up spending more on the new soles than you did on the shoes. The last time we had to do new boots for Frankenstein (since they cast a guy with size 14 feet!), we spent about $120 on boots...and $200 on building them up 4" (though the end result was extremely impressive...you could pick him out of a crowd no matter how many people were in it). That was WITH the discount the cobbler gives us for volume traffic in his shop...

      The advantage? If you have decent shoes to start with, you can turn ANYTHING into a platform shoe, and you can also select the amount of build-up...our cobbler generally orders the crepe soling that he uses for it in thicknesses of 1/8" for common stuff and 1/2" for heavier applications (like ours), so you can easily get something turned into 1", 2", etc platforms.

      If it's in your budget, it really is the best way to go.
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