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Re: Star Wars costumes--another resource

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  • mongrelmuppet
    Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. I, too, have met some of the community-based Star Wars groups (along with a lot of the Klingon ones) and agree
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      Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. I, too, have met some of the community-based Star Wars groups (along with a lot of the Klingon ones) and agree they are usually great groups of people.

      I'm not the greatest about getting pictures of my projects, but I always try. After all the fuss and bother, one of my other contacts came up with this fantastic site:


      as a reply to my request for info on where to buy the things I couldn't easily make (like the light sabers and boots.) They also sell what appears to be a really great and complete replica costume for an incredibly cheap price. My clients have ordered one to see what they look like up close, since I really don't think I can beat the price they are charging here, and it looks as if the quality will meet their needs. I'll likely continue to tinker with this whole concept on my own, though. They still might change their minds (at least one of them wants an outfit in forest green anyway, and one of them has other fitting issues that the pre-made version might not be able to accommodate) and you never know where an experiment might lead you.

      I'm going to have to watch the latest trilogy of movies again...I don't remember the Amidala with the globes...

      Thanks again to all who offered help.

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, Valancy Gilliam <roytoys@...> wrote:
      > Near as I can tell from my multiple failed attempts at making a Jedi
      > costume, it's hit and miss on what you use and what works. I mostly used
      > the McCall and Simplicity "Space Warrior" patterns when they came out
      > (pattern box is downstairs so I can't give you exact #s but they've been
      > listed here already anyway) and modified them to be slightly more "movie"
      > accurate, depending on the movie as well. It seems Obi-Wan especially
      > seemed to have different garments (especially shoulder area) though there
      > does seem to be a basic "uniform" look to the costumes.
      > 501st is a good group of people (large group of them here in the Kansas City
      > area) and also hit http://www.rebellegion.com/. They are the rebel side of
      > the Star Wars costuming setup, including Jedi. They had some links on their
      > costuming area I hadn't seen before (aside from the usual padawan's guide,
      > etc.) as well as their own personal recommendations.
      > It is very confusing, I agree, to find the medium between the people that
      > want an EXACT replica (I wish! but I don't have that kind of time, patience
      > or cash flow EVER to bother with it) and the cheap crap used for the
      > Halloween costumes in the fall. I too agree that a nice, durable costume,
      > easy to care for, sturdy but fairly accurate is the idea costume. I like a
      > little variety in what I wear, though I do admit...one day I will badger
      > someone into making that Queen Amidala costume that has the light up
      > globes...only mine won't have to be plugged into the wall to light up. LOL!
      > Good luck and I hope you'll post some pictures of your finished work!
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