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Re: Jedi patterns

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  • mongrelmuppet
    Funny thing you should mention samurai patterns, because I just came across one that is really fantastic and that no one else (that I could find) in the SW
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2009
      Funny thing you should mention samurai patterns, because I just came across one that is really fantastic and that no one else (that I could find) in the SW costume-verse seems to have tapped into, and it's a near to perfect base pattern, and one that hasn't been out of print for very long. I found one on Ebay for $4 and have already completed my first muslins for it and they look great (if I do say so myself!)

      For future reference, if any one else is interested:

      Simplicity 3772


      Another option in the same league is a Burda 2454, but I'm not sure if you can find this one in the US (I currently live in the Netherlands), they don't seem to sell the Carnevale patterns in the US stores, which is really too bad, as they have some decent designs.


      One of the frustrating aspects of this project is the fact that my clients cannot be physically present for alterations/fittings etc. I'm having to work off measurements only, which makes trying to alter too far off a pattern a challenge for my "spatial" sense.

      And I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I found the Padawan's Guide and Jedi Assembly/Rebel Legion websites to be quite frustrating to use and navigate. Lots of dead ends and old information (especially in the forums the "chatter" gets frustrating to wade through, most especially when it devolves to somewhat personal arguments) or people very focused on complete screen accuracy. However, several folks who responded to me privately did point me to very specific threads that did provide useful information. I never would have found those on my own. This group is GRAND! :)

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      > <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Star Wars costumesPosted by: "mongrelmuppet" mongrelmuppet@... mongrelmuppet
      > Tue Jun 2, 2009 10:19 am (PDT)Yes, I plan to build them. I haven't seen anything pre-made that won't
      > be laughed right out of a convention hall. Or that is within our budget.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      > Have you thought about altering a Samurai or Kimono pattern? That's the basic historical influence for the Jedi outfits. It looks like they have loose breeches tucked into their boots instead of the wide pleated trousers of the Samurai, and the "batwing" jacket isn't quite as pronounced, but basically it's the same shape.
      > Here are some links. I would try using these patterns to make a muslin mock-up, fit it on the person, and use a sharpie to draw new style lines on the muslin with them in it, to show where you want to change the shape and fit.
      > http://folkwear.com/asian.html
      > http://roundearth.stores.yahoo.net/kasave.html
      > -Jypsie
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