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Re: Balloon type costumes

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  • geneiak
    Message 1 of 16 , May 2 12:16 PM

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "Curtis" <gckidd@...> wrote:
      > --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, Sylvia Rognstad <sylvia@> wrote:
      > >
      > > <*snip*> The costumes seem to
      > > be big balloon type things filled with air, which is what I was
      > > thinking of for the water drops. What I can't figure out, if this is
      > > the case, is how you could make a tight enough seal on the balloons
      > > at the neck, arms and legs to keep the air in. Any ideas?
      > At a guess, I'd say look into how they make the inflatable sumo-wrestler outfits that you can rent from some party places. Sounds to me like the same kind of principle, and you don't have to have a constant air supply to keep the suit inflated...people can fall over and bounce in them, etc...
      > I don't even know if people still use them, but they were hugely popular about 10-15 years ago...
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