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  • Susan Cassidy
    Ah, Curtis, thanks for the plug for Swarovski crystals! I ve been following this thread, but my now full-time position in a Swarovski retail store has kept me
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 29, 2008
      Ah, Curtis, thanks for the plug for Swarovski crystals! I've been following
      this thread, but my now full-time position in a Swarovski retail store has
      kept me too busy to jump into the discussion. I'm in a completely different
      division in the company, but I know how seriously Swarovski takes the
      quality of all the products. If there was a problem with the glue, they'd
      want to know about it.

      I've been costume designing for a long time but never had call to use the
      heat-set crystals. I've enjoyed seeing photos from the film costume
      designers' awards that Swarovski is involved with each year-one of the
      Elizabeth costumes was in our magazine, just encrusted with crystals to look
      like diamonds.

      Good luck with your project, Sylvia!



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      > I've never used them, but have been told that's what goes on dance and
      > figure skating costumes. I need something to glitz up some dance
      > costumes for a show that will stay on during multiple washings. Is
      > this it? Anyone know if any chain stores carry them?

      I've had excellent results with them. Make sure you get the
      Swarovski...their rhinestones are highest quality and their glue is
      the most effective I've seen. The biggest problem I've noticed with
      them is that people get in a rush and don't let the glue melt
      properly, or (if using the griddle/preheat system mentioned already)
      they take too long to get them onto the fabric and the glue starts to
      set up before they get it onto the fabric. Personally, I lay out the
      crystals where I want them, then go through with the setting iron,
      holding it in place until the glue melts and soaks into the fabric
      (about 8-10 second per stone). I did this with some silk gowns that
      went through 2 shows a night, six nights a week, for three months
      without losing a single stone (granted, they were dry-clean, not
      wash...but I've had pretty effective results with washing). It's not
      as convenient for the application, but I've rarely had to go back and
      touch up any of the costumes I've treated this way.

      I haven't shopped around for rhinestones in a while, but the cheapest
      price I found for the Swarovski crystals was from a place online
      called The Rhinestone Guy...though I never ordered anything from them,
      so I don't know how good their service is (I've been working from a
      stockpile left by costume designers from past seasons.)

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