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Re: Prop advice

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  • Curtis
    I d actually do it out of lightweight plywood, covered with sheet foam insulation...THEN the fiberglass (though I d actually recommend some kind of Sculpt-coat
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2008
      I'd actually do it out of lightweight plywood, covered with sheet foam
      insulation...THEN the fiberglass (though I'd actually recommend some
      kind of Sculpt-coat or similar compound, that doesn't have the
      overwhelming fumes). The lid could be done with a couple of layers of
      the 2" thick foam, sculpted for the finished effect.

      Fiberglass matting, while very strong and fairly lightweight, is not
      very effective as a sculpting medium, as it's made to be saturated
      with resin and laid over a surface and then left alone to set up. It's
      very effective as a hardening treatment on an existing surface, but
      without some kind of form to act as a guide, it's pretty much
      impossible to use to fabricate something (it would be akin to soaking
      fabric in white glue and then trying to sculpt it into some specific
      shape, except the fiberglass sets up faster.) It also has the
      drawback that you have to work in an extremely well-ventilated space
      with an outside air supply pumping into your mask (by OSHA standards).
      Fiberglass is extremely messy, very smelly (and the fumes are
      somewhat noxious), and rather temperamental (if you don't get the mix
      of resin and hardener right, the resin won't set up or it will set up
      so fast that you don't get much done with it). For some applications,
      it's great stuff (I made some 'steel' hockey masks for a Halloween
      show out of it, and haven't had a single problem with them in the five
      years we've done that particular show)--but it's not easy stuff to
      work with and I definitely wouldn't recommend starting to work with it
      on a large-scale project like this (I learned to work with it helping
      my dad do autobody work...or else I would probably have never used it
      for anything, simply because of the amount of trouble involved with it.)

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, queenortart
      <queenortart@...> wrote:
      > If there is a better group that I should be asking this on can
      someone let
      > me know!?
      > I would like a make a sarcophagus, which will need to be
      transported, and
      > will need to have the top removed to get to the Mummy (which we
      already own,
      > and is about 5ft tall) from inside. I'd like something like this:-
      > http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/images/sarcophagus.gif
      > and I've set aside a weekend for making it. I've never used fibreglass
      > matting which was suggested to me, but I know I need to mould that round
      > something.
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