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  • rermisch
    Here! Here! I am glad you addressed this problem. I have been working with High school, College, and Community theatre for about (God! I am old!) 34 years.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2002
         Here! Here!
         I am glad you  addressed this "problem." I have been working with High school, College, and Community theatre for about (God! I am old!) 34 years. I began as a student in college. The students I worked with then wanted to do theatre nearly to the exclusion of all else and if we couldn't be on stage we worked back stage. I played mother parts for years and did costumes backstage wehen I wasn't on and sometimes I did both at the same time. Not literally but I would work both jobs on the same show. It was what we were taught to do. We had good directors who were very inventive and ,Yes, demanding but they encouraged us to try everything. How else are you going to know what is needed by your director, your lighting designer, your sound man, youyr set designer , and the props people.
           By working at different areas we learned to appreciate each other and found that the old "Golden Rule" works just fine when working with a lot of very individual, talented, passionate, and large ego people. I have found people act pretty much the way you treat them. I haven't had an altercation in about 24 years with an actor. I also agree if you act professionally at all times people will remember that and will respect your opinions because they will view you as competant. All this takes time I know, but nothing good really happens over night.
      Have patience! Old proverb : Time and patience turns the mulberry leaf into satin.
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      Date: Sunday, June 02, 2002 04:11:07
      Subject: [TheCostumersManifesto] Digest Number 349
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      Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 06:33:19 -0000
      From: "thecostumersmanifesto" <Tara@...>
      Subject: Re: I can't be the only costumer that experiences th...

      The whole false tech vs actor "rivalry" that goes on with some folks
      just underlines the lack of professionalism that abounds in some
      places. REAL actors appreciate their tech support and are
      cooperative and grateful, REAL tech people (especially costumers who
      work most directly with actors) love and support their actors, try
      to make them happy, and LISTEN to their concerns. The tech vs actor
      crap invariably is a big thing with HS kids who have a tendency to
      form into cliques of all kinds, inept community theatre people, wet
      behind the ears college freshman, and so-called professionals who
      never really aquired the self confidence to be unthreatened by their
      co-artists. When you meet a costumer who scorns actors and their
      input, or an actor who regards tech people as personal servants, you
      know you are dealing with an insecure neurotic, or a person with no
      real experience at all. The only proper response is to keep your
      own attitude professional despite the stupid behavior of the few.
      Noticing how many new college students came in from HS with this
      attitude I once titled a talk at an ACTF conference "Why Actors Hate
      Costumers and Vice Versa" to try to preach to the unconverted my
      philosophy that the two groups were made to be happy with each other
      if they could only understand the others job and communicate
      better. I keep meaning to write that lecture down and put it on my
      site, but I never seem to do so. Perhaps in July when I get back to

      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@y..., "neimhaille" <vcairistiona@h...>
      > > > I have
      quit doing comunity theater because their
      > > > attitude is
      you are only on crew because you aren't
      > > > good enough to
      be on stage. <----- Wow, I understand
      > > that...I understand
      that very well....too well....
      > You know what,
      I've had the exact opposite: you're just an actor
      > what do you
      know about costuming....
      > And the same people point blank
      refuse to look at the work I've
      > done...
      > taking a break from mind numbing hand sewing net to my
      href="http://recital.tripod.com/costume/moulinpink.htm">http://recital.tripod.com/costume/moulinpink.htm see what I have
      > done so far


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