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  • neimhaille
    ... folks ... who ... try ... actor ... to ... wet ... their ... At Performing Arts school we spent the first year doing all the crew work for the second year
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 4, 2002
      > > The whole false tech vs actor "rivalry" that goes on with some
      > > just underlines the lack of professionalism that abounds in some
      > > places. REAL actors appreciate their tech support and are
      > > cooperative and grateful, REAL tech people (especially costumers
      > > work most directly with actors) love and support their actors,
      > > to make them happy, and LISTEN to their concerns. The tech vs
      > > crap invariably is a big thing with HS kids who have a tendency
      > > form into cliques of all kinds, inept community theatre people,
      > > behind the ears college freshman, and so-called professionals who
      > > never really aquired the self confidence to be unthreatened by
      > > co-artists.

      At Performing Arts school we spent the first year doing all the crew
      work for the second year students. So that when we became second
      year students we had an appreciation for the role of crew.

      unfortunately while our year, and the year before us really
      respevcted and *used* the time contructively our crew just hated
      every minute and we wound up doing as much if not more than them.

      It depends as much on the person as the training.. I also have done
      a lot of extra work, and the attitude of the crew and cast varied
      from person to person too. The power plays on set are something
      beyond even theatre;)

      But sometimes you can be surprised, and have all your own
      preconceptions reversed. I've been treated with respect and digity
      from some quarters I never expected to.

      Needless to say my time on set flew by when that generous atmosphere
      was promoted:)

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