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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Looking for a PHP, XML Database geek

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  • retshopbuyer@charter.net
    Tara, Something you said the other day made me think of Dress A Day. I can t remember what it was now. But try checking with her and see if she can offer any
    Message 1 of 4 , May 22, 2008
      Something you said the other day made me think of Dress A Day.
      I can't remember what it was now.
      But try checking with her and see if she can offer any suggestions.
      Sorry I can't remember what it was but at that moment it made real sense to me !



      ---- Tara Maginnis <thecostumersmanifesto@...> wrote:
      > I haven't updated the Manifesto site lately, because I've been trying
      > in vain to completely re-do it. I've taken classes in Dreamweaver,
      > I've read books on CSS, and I'm still, nine months in, getting
      > nowhere. I need to (cheaply) hire a geek, preferably one in the SF
      > bay area, to help me set this up and teach me the basics of what I
      > need to do. In order to find one and communicate what I want, I've
      > spent the last week on making a detailed plan for the new site, which
      > is in the files section of this list under the name
      > ManifestoSiteMap.docx
      > In brief, what I hope to do:
      > I am looking to make an improved wiki based version of the manifesto
      > that will:
      > • Have an incredibly pared down look similar to Wordpress or
      > Google, but plainer, something close to my visual ideal can be seen
      > on http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/NewsPaperSkin
      > • allow Manifesto fans to directly edit, add to, and update
      > most pages
      > • allow them (and me) to post "individual essay" pages that
      > can't be altered by everyone, but which have room for additional
      > comments from fans,
      > • add their own portfolio pages within a simplified format,
      > with sub pages devoted to the designs of particular shows, only
      > editable by themselves or site editors
      > • add blog pages, discussion listservs, photos and online books
      > • include on the edges of all pages an auto feed of outside
      > components, including Adsense, Google Search, BabelFish, eBay ads,
      > and Amazon links to help users quickly find supplies, books, site
      > information, etc.
      > • functional layout similar to IMDB and Wikipedia
      > • do this with css so that changes or updates to the format
      > are site-wide and simple
      > My problem is that I have built my old site in FrontPage, with which
      > I am quite familiar, and have a very limited knowledge of
      > Dreamweaver. I don't even know what the letters PHP and XML stand
      > for, but I know I need them to do the above things. I need a person
      > who can do PHP and Database stuff to help me set this up, so I can
      > migrate my site a page at a time into this format using Dreamweaver.
      > With the idea of finding someone who can do this, and teach me how to
      > keep it going for a reasonable fee I thought I would make up a basic
      > site map, sample page layouts, and other info into a package to show
      > to people who might be able to help me.
      > If you are such a person, please read the ManifestoSiteMap.docx and
      > respond to me either directly or on the list.
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