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  • Curtis
    Dec 8, 2007
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "~lisa.s" <llsturts@...>
      > One of our other destinations will be Lynch's main store location. I'll
      > make a point of looking at their boas--

      Thanks...I'm hoping that the boxes we've been storing our boas in are
      some that they were originally shipped in, so they'll have a store
      label somewhere...

      > I realized I never got back to you about why I was asking questions
      > about glow-in-the-dark makeup. I've always had this idea to use it for a
      > ghost effect, but never had a lighting designer/tech director willing to
      > mess around with black light fixtures.

      *grin* That's basically the same thing I've used it for...my first
      experience with it was Fruma Sara (sp?) in a production of
      Fiddler...turned out really cool, because they had a wheeled tower
      that she stood on (belted in place so she couldn't tip over or fall
      off), so she looked like she was about 15' tall (the whole tower was
      draped with material to match her dress, so it looked like it
      stretched all the way to the floor, and she was using arm extensions
      to make her look a little more accurately proportioned).

      The second was for a dinner theater production of Zombie Prom...since
      Jonny dies from falling in a vat of radioactive waste before coming
      back as a zombie, we had a LOT of fun (we also sprayed his hair with
      fluorescent hair color, spiked it up...all sorts of odd stuff!) But
      it turned out great.
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