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  • Curtis
    Dec 8, 2007
      I'm sure this issue has been discussed before, but rather than spend
      hours and hours ransacking my old emails, at this point, I thought I'd
      just come out and ask and see if anyone had any answers (besides, for
      stuff like this, new answers are coming up all the time...)

      Some friends have hired me to design costumes for the burlesque troupe
      they're starting up. I'm having a hard time finding good boas, at a
      price somewhere below ridiculous (I can find good boas, or I can find
      boas relatively cheap...but I have yet to locate good boas for
      relatively cheap prices...)

      Does anyone have a good source for these? I'm pretty sure, in talking
      with the ladies, that they would prefer the ostrich feather, rather
      than turkey feather variety...but at this point, they don't have too
      many options and probably can't really afford to be THAT nit-picky.
      I've been able to find some fairly nice turkey-feather boas locally
      for $30, to give you a reference of what I'm considering 'pricey'. I
      know we bought some for the park, but that was YEARS ago, and at least
      four production managers have passed through our offices and scattered
      paperwork to the Four Winds, so I'm hesitant about my chances of
      finding just who our vendor was...

      Thanks again, in advance, for any assistance! You've all become my
      lifeline when I get these frustrating, last-minute requests...

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