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  • Anne Redish
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Sorry in advance or being long-winded!
      A month or so ago I was browsing on e-bay and discovered the
      Lutterloh pattern system. I have been following some of the sales,
      reading the Lutterloh's own web site and watched the on-line demo,
      read lots of posts in forums discussing the merits and limitations. I
      am somewhat surprised that is it not a topic I have ever seen discussed here.
      I realize that most of you may have professional level pattern
      drafting skills, and perhaps such a commercial short-cut method is
      not useful to many of you. But this system has been used for decades,
      so it seems like it must have some credibility. Certainly the method
      is based on the GOLDEN MEAN - the Roman Vitruvius' concept of the
      ideal physique ( illustrated in Leonordo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man),
      but can altering one of these patterns be any more time consuming or
      complex that doing custom patterns every time or regular customizing
      / alterations to an existing pattern? (FYI, I did read that the
      patterns do NOT include seam allowances, or any facings so one would
      have to do those. Nor are there any construction instructions. I do
      not think these things would present a problem in my case.) I'd like
      to try an item. I did print out an image of the scale end of the
      ruler and have managed to get it to correct scale .. using the cm.
      along side as a scale. So I'd only need a pattern card, and it's
      scale does not matter as I understand the system! It's the angles of
      the shape and the numbers around the edges that count! One can order
      the current and recent individual quarterly supplements for about $20
      plus shipping from Florida from the website.
      I'd really be interested in your experiences and comments!
      Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be
      silly at the right moment. Horace 65 - 08 B.C., Roman Poet

      Anne Redish
      Department of Drama,
      Queen's University,
      Kingston, Ontario
      613-533-6000 x75359
      483-3245 cell
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