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  • Julia Trimarco
    Jul 27, 2007
      I'm a bit late on this conversation, but I just saw the original post. I keep a fashion journal, and I also archive photos torn from magazines. I started doing this in grad school (1999-2001) when I had an assignment to costume a show in New York City 1988. I discovered that most public libraries only keep their actual magazine collection for a year (academic libraries usually don't even subscribe to fashion magazines unless it's a school for fashion). After that, they throw the magazines away, and get everything on microfilm or microfiche. Which is useless for pictorial research. So I asked my local librarian if I could have the magazines. She started collecting them in a box for me, and I picked it up once a month. Then I go through them, pull out typical examples of new, changing fashions, and archive them in a file. Alot of my collection is still back home in NY.

      Anyway, here is a brief survey of what I have for 2002 - 2005:
      2002 - Gap selling bright multi colored striped sweaters and scarves, Levi's "dangerously low" jeans, halter tops that criss-cross above the bosom in front of the neck, long sleeves with full or ruffled ends (some medieval style), rouched dresses (gathered creating folds along the midrift to the hips), chunky boot heels, boot-cut jeans, jackets with shearling or fur trim or fur bobbles, Mens shoes with flat sharp square toes, rib-knit sweaters, long suit jackets
      Overall, jeans and pants have gotten straighter, the low point of the rise was probably about 03 or 04 and they've been coming back up since, jackets have gotten shorter with more details on the natural waist, blouses have gotten longer, but the fitted part of them has moved higher. So the bare midriff with a short blouse and a low jean was popular a few years ago, now showing skin there is out. Jeans are still on the hipbone, but blouses are longer to cover it up. Skirts were straight and very short or very long, now they are knee-length and trumpet flared. Frills are still on the rise (started around 2002, but only really hitting extreme proportion probably in a few years). Shoes got very pointy, and heels started clunky in 2002 but got tiny and have stayed that way. The "kitten" heel came in during this period. Now, some avant-garde designers are doing retro round toes to fit the retro 30's/40's style piecing of the dresses.

      You've inspired me to get back to working on my archive. I've let it go the past few years and haven't gathered much material.

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