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9291Re: 2002-4 fashions

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  • Curtis
    Jul 5, 2007
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      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "Cat Devereaux"
      <CatDevereaux@...> wrote:
      > The new stuff was a lot more tailored ... flared, cleaner fit.
      Most of the
      > jeans didn't go more than "low rise"... which was mostly above the
      > hip huggers of the pervious generation. The Bikini/Brazilian were
      > low riders and normally high end jeans w/ fit.

      A lot of the jeans during this time were stretch denim, with a little
      lycra added to the blend. We used a lot of this stuff as costumes for
      our shows (we were costuming our Rock show in stuff primarily
      purchased out of LA, and filling in the gaps with what we could find
      locally. The stretch denim allowed for a more fitted look without the
      need for actually tailoring, and is now seen in the jeans that have
      come out that fit like tights, tapered all the way down the
      leg...seriously, the first time I saw them, I wondered how anyone
      could get their foot through the leg. These aren't wide-spread right
      now, very much a 'niche' item...but it's why the bikini-rise jeans
      were able to stay on at all without a belt.
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