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9289RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: 2002-4 fashions

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jul 4 5:02 PM
      >>Never heard anyone use that term for hip huggers before. Guess I'm
      just not with it anymore.

      Hip huggers - late 60's - early 70's , sloppy fit, often with bells even
      with cuffs. Often worm with wide belts. Always worn high enough you could
      still wear underwear under them AND didn't need a shave. Sometimes belted
      in tight enough to cut off circulation, but they didn't slip and slide.

      The new stuff was a lot more tailored ... flared, cleaner fit. Most of the
      jeans didn't go more than "low rise"... which was mostly above the extreme
      hip huggers of the pervious generation. The Bikini/Brazilian were EXTREAM
      low riders and normally high end jeans w/ fit.

      There were variations of all of that and some home made options... and some
      tried to bring those mainstream... But they were just too impractically
      low to last for long. Though low low-rise are still worn in LA for some
      occasions. The narrator in the Tudor Style fashion special was wearing a
      more modern version of the low rise/crop -- this year. (So we're talking
      about casual-stylish west-side LA while the New York folks reacted as the
      look being "so last week" and "slutty". It's all about demographics.)


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