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9288Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: 2002-4 fashions

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  • Sylvia Rognstad
    Jul 4, 2007
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      Never heard anyone use that term for hip huggers before. Guess I'm
      just not with it anymore.

      On Jul 4, 2007, at 4:39 PM, Cat Devereaux wrote:

      > >>I'm showing my age;. What are bikini rise pants?
      > Remember hip huggers??? Not quite so wide in the leg, but cut down
      > all the
      > way to the old bikini panty line. Another name was "Brazilian" (after
      > the
      > wax/shave you needed to wear them like that) These were often worn w/o
      > belts, so they had to fit perfectly or you'd get slide. These were
      > often
      > decorated and very expensive.
      > I think by getting things down and daring that needed that much fit
      > was a
      > way of separating those that were "moneyed" or pretending to be.
      > (Cause no
      > on though of jeans as custom fitted.) I remember being down in LA
      > garment
      > district when the "Silliness" of the style was being suggested... and
      > the
      > discussion was that the style couldn't get really big because of the
      > fit
      > issues. (And it was hilarious to see some of the FIDM students, who
      > weren't
      > comfortable with that style, trying to wear that style anyway. Talk
      > about
      > lots of tugging up -- since the extremes on this also needed to be
      > worn
      > bare-back.) Cropped tops. Lots of interesting sunburns. <G>
      > Some fashions are self correcting.
      > -Cat-
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