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9287RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: 2002-4 fashions

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jul 4, 2007
      >>I'm showing my age;. What are bikini rise pants?

      Remember hip huggers??? Not quite so wide in the leg, but cut down all the
      way to the old bikini panty line. Another name was "Brazilian" (after the
      wax/shave you needed to wear them like that) These were often worn w/o
      belts, so they had to fit perfectly or you'd get slide. These were often
      decorated and very expensive.

      I think by getting things down and daring that needed that much fit was a
      way of separating those that were "moneyed" or pretending to be. (Cause no
      on though of jeans as custom fitted.) I remember being down in LA garment
      district when the "Silliness" of the style was being suggested... and the
      discussion was that the style couldn't get really big because of the fit
      issues. (And it was hilarious to see some of the FIDM students, who weren't
      comfortable with that style, trying to wear that style anyway. Talk about
      lots of tugging up -- since the extremes on this also needed to be worn
      bare-back.) Cropped tops. Lots of interesting sunburns. <G>

      Some fashions are self correcting.


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