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  • Renee Schmutz-Sowards
    Jul 4, 2007
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      Cool, I grew up in Kentucky *right* across the river from southern Ohio, and we all wore pretty much the same stuff, so maybe I can help some :)

      During the beginning of your time frame I remember jeans were still the end all be all for everyday...often with layered shirts ( a tank-top with a men's style button down or flannel worn over top, un-buttoned most the way down)

      Jeans were just starting to really pull away from the looks of the '90's and starting to get lower waists and slightly flared leg's...by the end of your period we were getting into bikini-rises and really retro flared leg's...although were I lived the super low rises weren't really super common to see around just yet. Patchwork pants were a big thing one fall...in denims or cord's. Either allover squares in different colors, or the really odd looking ones...all over stripes in different colors. Thankfully that's one of the few trend's I did not attempt..go me!

      Also, I remember cargo pants being a big thing...not super baggy, at least for the girls. They were fitted thru the butt and hips and then went wide leg from there down, with lot's of little pockts and usally a hammer loop. They still had fairly normal waist's...maybe just starting to edge slightly below the natural waistline and they were rarely out of denim...usually browns, blacks and khaki greens...and corduroy was very in for a bit.

      Skirts were usually one of two extremes...short and fitted, (although I don't re-call seeing many really extreme minis in my area...usually an inch or so above finger tip length) or long, and for lack of a better word, dumpy. I sooo remember trying and trying to pull off the long skits..oi. They were usually very long...like ankle length to almost skimming the floor, often with a low waist line, which kind gave the impression that your skirt was one size to big and was slipping down a bit. And just enough of an a-line to keep them from being fitted, but not enough to be flowing. And again I say..."Oi" .; )

      Shirts were really fitted, but super short and crop tops weren't huge yet. They were around, but they were usually worn by the same sort of girls that were wearing the bikini rise pants, and they generally weren't really called flattering names by the rest of the girls.

      Not a lot of cap-sleeves like are on all the baby-tees now...short sleeves were a little longer, and 3/4 sleeves were everywhere. And I remember shirts made out of stretch velvet being sooooo totally cool...usually with a printed design, like geisha girls or rainbows and butterfly's on the front. And for awhile peasant blouses were a big deal..they were every where. The kind that were really full with a gathered neckline and cuffs....usually out of cotton gauze and with embroidered flowers one them.

      Platform sandals were totally it...I actually remember wearing mine in winter sometimes, because the were so "cool".(sad, but true) I remember one summer when high top Chuck Taylor's were THE shoe to have for the younger guys...I think it might have been '03. Ugh...and towards the beginning of the period, sadly...big chunky flat "practical" sandals were still kinda in...think Birkenstock.

      Okay, that's all I can think of for now...hope it helps some :)


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