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9283RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: 2002-4 fashions

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jul 4, 2007
      >> flare again, with
      jaquard ribbon or some other embellishment around the hem. A little
      later the embellishment started crawling up the legs of jeans

      Yea... something that matches... a bit earlier... those were just worn as
      "Club jeans" and were ridiculously expensive. Mostly worn in evening with
      black shirts. They hadn't tricked down into the stores.. and even then,
      only groups of kids took to them because the mass made ones didn't look like
      the designer stuff

      >>For cover ups there were lots of "shrugs" with too-long sleeves
      (either sweater knitted or sewn of jersey knits), and long, belted,
      trench-length sweaters in very furry, soft yarns.

      Ah, another match... yes... forgot all about those crazy long soft sweaters.
      Some of the folks used to wear them to work and kept them closed because the
      tops were too short. Not just the kids wore those. Open fuzzy sweaters
      often subbed for a jacket to formalize a bit. (And these were nothing like
      your mother's sweaters.)

      >>That's when they started wearing thongs, too, and would automatically
      put their hands behind their backs when they bent or squatted to hide
      what we didn't want to see. I can't think of the shoes...

      Hummmm, took a while for that to move out... the high schools were having
      problems out here with those in the late 90's even.... that "no underwear
      shows" rule had to be extended to the girls too.

      I'm always amazed now much style of dress/hair/make-up/etc can vary by
      region. Though I guess I should stop being surprised. Having lived in LA
      all my life dressing for the area is very much like dressing for work or
      play.. it's dress for both what you're doing and in what part of town. By
      region there's even more difference. A lot of stuff trickles off the TV,
      though some comes from the center and spreads to the coast. Fashion and
      style can be such a moving target.


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