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8734Re: Dye Vats

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  • bearhedded
    Mar 2, 2007
      >We have a 65 gallon Groen (electric) at the Children's Theatre.
      We bought it used, from a restaurant supplier. It's a soup kettle,
      actually, although I suppose you could cook spaghetti in it.....The
      service man says you can use it as a deep-fryer, too!

      I like it quite a bit, even though I use it for cold-water dye, mostly.

      It also functions very well as a steamer for silk paint, etc. I
      made a cradle to suspend the work being steamed inside the
      pot, and close the lid. Now, I'm trying to get the scene shop to
      build a dog-house to fit over the top, so we can fit in larger
      projects, and maybe, not have to roll them up.

      I've heard complaints about gas-fired kettles not staying lit from
      another dyer in town.

      Make sure they vent the dye room properly!

      I've become convinced that the best model for a dye room is a
      locker room shower!

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