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86Re: Hat book "Crowns"

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  • Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Costume Designer
    Dec 14 9:48 PM
      The Book "Crowns", mentioned in a post yesterday, is available at Amazon.com with a $5.50 discount: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0385500866/thecostumersmani

      > Hi!
      > Last Sunday on CBS's Sunday Morning show did a segment on the
      > publishing of a new book - " Crowns: A Portrait of Black Women in
      > Church." It is a book with portarits of lovely African American women
      > from all walks of life in the most glorious hats you have ever seen.
      > It is a tradition in their culture and some are one of a kind
      > designs.There is also a written portrait of each individual woman.
      > You should check it out. I think it would be a great Gift for any one
      > to add to their costume library.

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